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NEWS – We’ve launched a new specialist custom-made AV furniture division

Having gained a growing reputation for AV furniture, specifically amongst the active and passionate community on AV forums, Stump Furniture has launched a new specialist AV furniture making division – AV Soul.

Our customers love us because we understand their passion for AV and the importance of getting a perfect fit for the furniture for their home.

Find out more by visiting AV Soul’s dedicated website –

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We craft our bespoke AV furniture and media wall range using a variety of different materials and can create the perfect unit or media wall to suit any budget – our range is not only affordable but fabulously stylish. All bespoke AV units are made in the UK – we are a Yorkshire based company making quality furniture from quality materials. The options are limitless and the prices affordable, so there really is no excuse to not have exactly what you want!

Specialist features in all our bespoke AV units come as standard, such as open back ventilation, cable management, privacy glass and soft closing doors. Other options include:

  • Acoustic speaker cloth
  • Pull-out sliding turntable shelves
  • Isolation shelves and isolation spikes
  • Straight and pivot sliding doors
  • Soft closing DVD drawers…and a whole host of other things.

Units can also be made in singles, doubles, triples or quadruples and can be as tall as you like with enough flexibility to satisfy even the most demanding of enthusiast – so go on, get creative!

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Step 1 – Design

Firstly and most importantly we need an idea or design, the easiest and most obvious can be found on this very web page. All of the designs featured here can be customised to your taste by changing the wood, colour, configuration or size. Alternatively the design can be of your own making with inspiration being drawn from anywhere. Images from websites, magazines, pictures and even films have all been successfully used as the basis for design and then if necessary tweaked to your requirements.

Step 2 – Material

Once a design has been chosen you then need to pick the material to make it from. A popular choice is solid wood and the options are many, all with their own natural beauty and unique characteristics. You can choose from hardwoods, softwoods and century old reclaimed timber for a more shabby chic look. Should the budget be a little more modest or a requirement of the design, wood veneers can be combined with solid timber to create an identical look.

Step 3 – Finish

Now that your unit has been made, photographed and emailed to you for your approval, all that’s left to choose is the finish. Popular finishing products include wax, oil, lacquer and paint. There is also a wide range stains and tints that can be applied to colour your furniture should you wish for something a little different. We will help and guide you to choose the right finish to enhance your furniture and bring out all its natural beauty.